The Food Network logo is the face of our brand and a valuable element of our visual identity. Consistent use of it is essential in upholding our brand as a system.

The primary and secondary logos have been modified from the original for online and mobile applications. They have been optimized for screen use and should be used consistently across all digital products.

The trademark should be used on logos appearing on third-party websites, newsletters, in mobile apps (including app icons), and social media channels. The trademark may be ommitted on Scripps web sites and in cases when the mark is too small to be distinguishable.

Please refer to the On-Air Brand Guidelines for print and on-air usage.

For questions about logos and usage please contact us, styleguide@foodnetwork.com

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Food Network 3D Logo

Food Network 3D Logos Download

Food Network Flat Logo

Food Network Flat Logos Download

Food Network Grayscale Logo

Food Network Grayscale Logos Download

Food Network logo for dark backgrounds

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Logo Usage and Colors

3-D Version. The Food Network logo is presented in the masthead and the website footer using the 3-D version. This is the default version of the logo.

Food Network Logo: Primary

hex n/a

rgb n/a

cmyk n/a

pantone n/a


Flat Version. Avatars and other brand logo images should use the flat version unless a strong use-case can be made to use the alternative.

Food Network Logo: Secondary

hex #DD0101

rgb 221, 1, 1

cmyk 7, 100, 100, 1

pantone 185 C

Food Network Logo: Grayscale

hex #000000

rgb 0, 0, 0

cmyk 0, 0, 0, 100

pantone Black C

Sizing and Spacing
  • Clear Space: The clear space around the Food Network logo is an important aspect of its design and ensures legibility, recognition and preserves the visual impact and integrity of the logo. The clear space is equal to ⅓ of the size of the logo (at any size), on all sides.
  • Minimum Size: When the 3-D logo with trademark gets smaller than 56px in diameter, use the flat version of the logo with the trademark, instead.
Clear Space
Minimum Size
  • Don’t use the logo designated for print/on-air.
  • Don’t distort the logo.
  • Don’t contain the logo.
  • Don’t alter the shape of the logo.
  • Don’t use unapproved colors in the logo.
  • Don’t rotate or flip the logo.
  • Don’t use a flat color in the 3-D version of the logo.
  • Don’t crop the logo.