Visual Patterns

Visual design patterns form the foundation of the site chrome while also providing additional accents for modules. Patterns outside of the site chrome should be used sparingly and in targeted situations and modules where no other existing color in the palette can be used.

For questions about pattern usage please contact us,

Download Pattern Set

Pattern 1

This texture is used as a grounding element in persistent areas of the site as well as serving as the background for select content - specifically within the Community experience and for Video.

Pattern 2

The striped pattern can be used generously, though larger areas of the pattern should be used in conjunction with an overlapping white content box so that text and images are always sharp and legible. This pattern can also be used to distinguish blocks of content appearing within the same module.

Pattern 3

This neutral pattern provides the backdrop for Food Network website and should not be used within the content of the site itself. It can be used in other digital applications as a global background element to establish a close visual connection with FN’s online presence.